How to Setup Echo Dot and Download Alexa App?

This article will help you how to setup echo dot and connect your Echo dot to the WiFi and it will guide you through the Amazon Alexa setup.

Download Alexa App

If you are setting up your device through the PC or laptop then you need to download Alexa app from
Make sure you have a stable internet connection process through the entire process. You can also download Alexa app from the Google app store. Alexa is compatible with iOS 9.0 or higher, Android 4.4 or higher and Fire OS 3.0 or higher.

Turn on the Echo Dot

Make sure your Echo Dot is located in a central location of the room with ample space around it. This will help the device work to the best of its capacity. You need to make sure there is a minimum of 20 centimeters around the device. But don't worry, the device has seven in built speakers that can hear you from almost anywhere in the room.

Plug in your Amazon Echo Dot

Plug in the Echo Dot using the power adapter provided along with the charger. Turn on your Echo Dot by holding down the home button.

You will see a blue light and this light will soon turn to orange. Now Alexa will welcome you.

Connect Echo Dot to the WiFi

You should have no trouble following these instructions. Just make sure you select the right WiFi connection and connect to it. You can also contact the helpline center for Amazon Alexa Setup.

Start talking to Alexa

You Echo Dot setup is complete and the Echo Dot is all set to work for you now. Say ‘Alexa’ and follow it up by a command. If you want to change the wake word, you can do so by visiting the setting sections on your Alexa app.

Connect your Echo Dot to a speaker

This choice is option and it depends on your preference. You can choose to connect the Echo Dot to any other external speaker but ensure the speakers are much more powerful than the inbuilt ones. The inbuilt speakers are quite powerful already. You can connect to the external speaker using a Bluetooth device or through the audio cables that were provided.

Connect Echo Dot to Speaker

This is an optional choice, its all depend on you. Opt to connect Echo Dot to an external speaker only if the speaker is more powerful than the inbuilt one. The inbuilt speaker is already very powerful.